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Guest: John Allison

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Oct 28, 2003

Today's comic by

Scary Go Round's

John Allison

RIP George Mason

Today, Scary Go Round's infamous John Allison gives us an inside look at the world from Fuzzy's perspective. Mind you, trying to get into Fuzzy's head and think like he does is not something I would generally recommend people do. But John A lives for danger. That's probably why they call him Dangerous Johnny.

Don't forget... tonight is the season premier of 24, or as I like to call it, the Bauer Power Action Hour! GET ME A HACKSAW!

Sam Logan

Oct 27, 2003

Today's comic by

Instant Classic's

Brian Carroll

Masterpiece theatre

The Sam and Fuzzy guest strip jamboree kicks off today with this awesome contribution from Instant Classic's mighty Brian Caroll. The man clearly possesses a phenomenal understanding of exactly how my comic works. If only I had a "Brian version two-point-oh," I could head off on a permanent vacation to Tijuana and get him to do the strip all the time. But unfortunately, we have only one Brian, and he is very busy working on his own comic. The selfish bastard.

Remember, the site will be updating every weekday for the next two weeks! See you all tommorrow.

Sam Logan

Oct 24, 2003

Starting Monday, October 27th... the first ever Sam and Fuzzy

Obligatory Guest Artist Webcomics Duration! (O-GAWD)

Featuring two weeks jam-packed with strips written and illustrated by a top-secret bevy of your favourite Web-comicers!

Don't Miss It!

Purple monkey dishwasher

O-GAWD begins next week, which means a new comic every weekday! So, mark your calendars! Call your friends! Alert the authorities! Construct a mobile of colourful fruit!

I got my Sam and Fuzzy t-shirt in the mail yesterday. So now, I can tell you with complete assuredness that this is the greatest t-shirt ever made in the history of humankind. I'll post some pics of me wearing it as soon as I can "borrow" a digital camera from someone.

Also, this week marks the one year anniversary of Ctrl Alt Del! Absath draws a fantastic comic, and is also a true friend. Aw, I'm feeling all mushy. Happy anniversary, Abs!

Sam Logan