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Guest: Neil G

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Nov 3, 2003

Today's comic by

Robot Stories'

Neil G

There's waffle in 'em!

Robot Stories' Neil G cares about you, the reader. That's why, to ensure a 100 percent authentic Sam and Fuzzy experience, he has used the exact same drawing materials and inking style that I use. The result is a strip that looks like it was drawn by some sort of Sam/Neil hybrid. Sneil or Nas? YOU DECIDE.

Today, Neil is also relaunching the Robot Stories spinoff Limited Space. Be sure to check it out!

Show and tell! Show and tell! I promised I'd put up a picture of me in my Sam and Fuzzy shirt. But I don't think anyone was expecting this disturbing photo, which includes myself, Codemaster Ashton, and Mauluku and Icarus from the Sam and Fuzzy forums! It's Ashton's photo, and it was him that blurred out the faces, not me, so gripe to him about it.


Boo! Colour version.

Sam Logan

Oct 31, 2003

Today's comic by


Michael Lalonde

It's boo time (boo-oo ti-ime)

What better way to celebrate Halloween than with an awesome guest strip from Michael Lalonde, fellow canuck and author of the extremely spooky Orneryboy? When Michael told me that his guest strip was going to have a mime in it, I figured it would be scary enough to run today. But a dead mime? That's not scary... that's cause for celebration!

For the record, when I invited folks to participate in O-GAWD, I insisted that they could work in colour if they wished. But as it turned out, Michael was the only one who did. Creepy, huh?

Happy Halloween, everyone! We return on Monday with another round of awesome guest cartoonists.

Sam Logan

Oct 30, 2003

Today's comic by

Monkey Business'

Karl Wang

Everybody's got something to hide except for me and my monkey

Today's strip comes from Karl Wang, AKA Monkei, of the inspiringly random and randomly inspiring Monkey Business. If you haven't seen Monkey Business before, I definitely recommend checking it out. Each individual strip is fashioned out of six cans of concentrated awesome.

If you didn't catch the season premier of 24, I feel really, really bad for you.

Sam Logan