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Most Wanted, Pt. 22

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Feb 4, 2015


Running a little behind today, team... but here's today's comic!

We return on Friday with a new comic, plus our traditional round of reader Q and A. (If you've got a question for me, pop it in an email with Q and A in the subject line!)

-Sam Logan

Feb 1, 2015

The Big Field in the Sky

It is a pretty popular farm!

Welcome to February, friends... an arbitrarily short month where you can't get quite as much work done and get the worst per-day value for your rent money. But at least it also brings some pretty exciting Sam and Fuzzy comics! Hope you enjoy 'em.

-Sam Logan

Jan 30, 2015

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A:  Try Again Edition
Got a question you want answered? Just drop me an email with "Q & A" in the subject line!

"Am I right in thinking that you still draw and ink each page by hand? If so how much paper do you manage to get through? Do you ever have any foul ups that ruin a page half way through? And if so do you start again or use digital trickery to fix it? Also, I am really curious, do you still have all the pages sitting in around somewhere? How much room does that all take up?" -James

Er, sorry James! I actually ran your question last week, but it seems the vast majority of my answer didn't post for some reason. Whoops! Let's try again.

First, to reiterate the part I did successfully say last week: I still draw the core Sam and Fuzzy art on paper. (Although I do all the panels, lettering, and grey toning on the computer.) I've been doing it this way for so long that I don't make a ton of inking errors... but when I do, I just fix 'em on the computer! It certainly takes a bit of the terror out of the process.

And secondly, yes, I do indeed have all the original pages. Since the start of Sam and Fuzzy Fix Your Problem, I've been working on 11x14" bristol sheets. Here's what 4.5 books worth of those look like! (Rest assured that, despite how haphazard this looks, they are all stored in a place that is both safe and dry.)

Prior to Fix Your Problem, I drew Sam and Fuzzy on 8.5x11" pages, inside a very long string of sketchbooks. I think I have around 30 or so of them.

"Is Fuzzy a cuddly bear, or is his fur rough and gross?  Or is there fur at all? Also, is Hazel Kim trying to find something in the pit to save Fuzzy from impending doom?" -Emilie

Honestly, I think of Fuzzy as being made out of the same nondescript cartoon material as Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny. I don't think we'll need to commit to the specific appearance of his individual hairs until they make the big live action/CG hybrid Sam and Fuzzy movie.

No one can really say what Hazel Kim hopes to find in the pit, but whatever it is, it's probably more likely to be something for Hazel Kim than it is for Fuzzy.

"I wanted to ask Jeph Jacques a question, but he doesn't do a Q&A, so I figured I'd ask you instead - do you picture Will as having a British accent? He seems like he'd have a British accent." -Adam

I can't say that I do, no! But I can confirm that Jeph thinks Dr. Crab should sound exactly like Antonio Bandares. Be sure to request a demo performance of a few sample lines if you ever meet him at a convention.

Next week: more comics! See you then.

-Sam Logan