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Guest: Jeffrey Rowland

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Nov 6, 2003

Today's comic by


Jeffrey J. Rowland


Yes, not one but two fabulous guest comics are running on this, the penultimate day of O-GAWD! In theory, two strips will be running tommorrow as well.

The first comes by way of Jeffery J. Rowland, whose comic Wigu is a constant source of amazement and amusement. Jeff's mind works in mysterious ways, and after reading his comics, you'll agree that this is entirely to our benefit. Of course there are vampires... it's a Mexican bar.

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Nov 6, 2003

Today's comic by

Little Gamers'

Pontus Madsen

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The second strip comes from Sweden! Well, more accurately, it comes from webcomic phenomenon Little Gamers' Pontus Madsen. For the record, when I asked him to do the strip, I specifically told him not to use any swear words... little did I know what I was getting myself into!

Two more strips tommorrow! (In theory.)

Sam Logan

Nov 5, 2003

Today's comic by

Ryan Estrada

Pulling a Sherri

Today, another take on the logic of Future Fuzzy -- this time by the extraordinary Ryan Estrada! You might not have heard of Ryan before, (you poor bugger,) but he is a very talented man and his website is nigh pullulating with must-read comics.

Yes, I said pullulating.

Sam Logan