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Sin's Gambit, Pt. 24

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Jul 24, 2015

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A:  Penguin Edition
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"Is Sin a space gopher as was hinted at by Malcolm early on? 
...Or since you can't answer that, will we ever see, even as a passing call back joke in the underground, a space gopher?" -Carl

"Space Gopher" was Mr. Black's derogatory nickname for Sin's true form. Malcolm overheard the term (thanks to his radio-signal-recieving head) and, as Malcolm is wont to do, interpreted it very literally.

So, on the one hand, there is no actual species that is actually called a Space Gopher. But Mr. Sin is a creature that came to Earth, and Mr. Black did think that creature looked something like a gopher. So it's plenty confirmed in that sense.

"Why is the Patreon 'Secret Art Vault' a secret? What are you hiding, Logan? Is it porn? It's porn, isn't it." - Michael

It's "secret" because the contents are a surprise. Everyone likes surprises! (Also, there are more than 600 files in there, so it would actually be kind of difficult to try and explain what every single one of them is.)

Basically, it's a bunch of folders that I'm filling with anything and everything that I think might delight a fan of my work. There are desktop backgrounds that aren't available anymore, comics that haven't been or can't be published anywhere else online for various reasons, commissions and art that I drew for individual readers and never shared elsewhere, hi res versions of pieces from my art books, layered photoshop files for people who want to see how my art and comics are constructed, and lots and lots of Sketch-Off pieces. And I'll be adding a few new surprises each month!

Sadly, no, there is absolutely no porn. Sorry! There is some of my pin-up art and commission work, though, or as I like to call it: porn for sissies. May its slightly provocative swimwear and occassional butts and nipples be a lone droplet of water in the middle of your erotic desert.

"Do you work from home? What's your workspace like?" -Gabriel

I do! Here is a terrible photo of my setup that I took RIGHT NOW:

The left side of the desk can tilt up on down, depending on whether I'm currently using it for drawing or for computer-ing. The rest of the office is not very glamourous... it's mostly storage space for all my con merch, art supplies, and graphic novels!

That's a wrap for this week, friends. Come back on Monday for more comics!

-Sam Logan

Jul 22, 2015

New Topatoco Store!

Topatoco -- the online store where we sell all the official Sam and Fuzzy paraphenalia -- has launched a brand new site design! Truly, there has never been a better time to view my all my books, RPG stuff, tshirts, and other swag arranged into attractive rows of four. It's an amazing time to be alive!

All right! That's enough work for today. This puppy has been sitting here starring at me with his needy eyes this whole time and I can't take it anymore!

-Sam Logan

PS: Patreon Art Blog folks, I posted some process stuff for Monday's comic, as well as some previews of the next pin-up book. Hope you dig!

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Jul 20, 2015

First Patreon Goal Hit (E-artbooks for all backers!)

Hooray! We hit our first goal on my Patreon over the weekend! That means, starting now, all Patreon backers will get a trio of digital PDF artbooks: the previously released Art of Fate and Superhero Sketch-Off collections, as well as the brand new Videogame Sketch-Off collection!

There are a bunch of different bonuses for backing the Sam and Fuzzy patreon at different levels -- including original artwork, a backer-only art blog and a giant "secret art vault" full of backgrounds, commissions, pin-ups, and comics. But these three ebooks are free to all backers, at any level... whether they're die-hards splurging for some of those extra bonuses, or just folks chipping in a buck a month because they like the comic. Any amount helps push us towards to the goal of making more comics, so I'm happy to reward it. Thanks, and enjoy!

-Sam Logan