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Diplomatic Relations

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Nov 6, 2015

That's a wrap for the saga of America's greatest leader! We return on Monday with the first comic of our new story! (Patreon backers can expect a sneak peek arriving a little earlier.)

Speaking of Patreon, the new rewards are out for this month! The latest issue of Sam and Fuzzy Extra -- a bonus PDF magazine of art and behind the scenes stuff -- is now available to download for anyone backing at the $5 level or higher. And for $10+ backers, I've updated the "Secret Art Vault" with some classic comics, some hi res halloween and commission art, and some moderately saucy pin-up work. Stuff to be had!

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A:  Trevor Edition
Got a question you want answered? Just drop me an email with "Q & A" in the subject line!

"In Sam and Fuzzy's Christmas of Terror (and Fluffy Bunnies) we saw some generic (likely underground - related) villains, Mr. Carter and Jackson, using an army of robotic Billy ver. 2.0 rabbits to steal presents and attack Sam. While their offensive hardware isn't as advanced as the new Buddy Bots, they were TELEPATHICALLY CONTROLLED! Why wasn't Mr. Sin using this technology instead of hack-able voice commands even though it's been available for approximately 6 years?" -Derek

Derek, I am sorry to report that Christmas of Terror is completely, utterly, 100% not-even-slightly canon. It is a part of the old "classic" Sam and Fuzzy series that I drew when I was a teenager... the same continuity as the old comics I used to give out as Book Club bonuses, and that currently live in the Patreon Art Vault. Sad, but true. Fuzzy's "cousin" Trevor also doesn't exist. Sorry, Trevor!

That said, I think Sin probably used voice commands because they're more satisfying to yell! Or maybe it's so the commands don't conflict with his control of his exosuit, which IS controlled by thought reading. I'm not sure. Pick the reason that makes the most sense in your heart.

Incidentally, another reader has pointed out that the links to some of the other old Christmas specials in the archive are no longer working! I'll try to figure that out today.

"No new book this year? Say it ain't so!" -Holly

There's no new book this year because the comics that will be going in said new book only just finished running... TODAY! It'll be coming out early next year.

This one wound up being, uh.... exceptionally long. (Around the size of the books in the two-volume Omnibus, rather than the books in the modern series!) So I think we might need to crowdfund the sucker. I'll keep you all posted, though!

That's a wrap for this week. See you on Monday, team!

-Sam Logan

Nov 4, 2015

Presidential Address

We return on Friday with the finale of Bonus' latest opus, and a brand new round of reader Q and A! (If you have a question you'd like me to answer here on the site, just plunk it in an email with "Q and A" in the subject line!)

Meanwhile, all but six of the Halloween Sketch Off originals remain! You can have a peek at the full gallery -- including a bunch of newly coloured pieces -- by clicking here!

-Sam Logan


Nov 2, 2015

New T-shirts on sale now!

It's that time again, my friends. Time... for new t-shirts!

VOTE DOG is inspired by Bonus' Pretty Puppy President. Hilariously, it wound up arriving when half the Puppy President strips I've made haven't even run on the site yet! (They were pushed back by the unexpectedly long Sin's Gambit chapter, and then interupted by the Halloween strip.) But I had a ton of fun doing these comics, and a Puppy President shirt felt basically mandatory.

I've been selling BULBATHOR postcards and posters at conventions for the last year, but everyone kept asking "When are you going to make that a shirt?" The answer is NOW! Now it's a shirt! Sorry it took a year.

And finally, HEY! LISTEN! is based on an idea I came up with while sketching at this year's Rose City Comic-con. Somewhere in Portland, someone has an original drawing of what essentially became the draft version of this shirt.

I hope you guys dig these suckers! It's been a long time since I've launched three shirts at once... but because the next book isn't going to be coming out until early next year, I wanted to make sure I still had lots of cool swag for the rest of 2015.

We return on Wednesday, when the saga of Pretty Puppy President continues. See you then!

-Sam Logan