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Dec 3, 2003

Get up get up the house is on fire

Well, it may not be getting the best reviews, but Mario Kart: Double Dash has managed to chew up hour upon hour of my time nonetheless. I think it's swell, and who are you gonna trust? Some shady reviewer, or me?

The order page for Hoodies, Babydolls and XXL/XXXL Ts will be disappearing within the next few hours. Regular Ts will always be in stock though, and will arrive in time for Christmas if ordered before the 10th! Christmas cards are still available for order as well -- the next batch gets mailed out this Friday.

Sam Logan

Dec 1, 2003

Fight terror with turkey

I have done an almost embarrassingly long guest strip for Little Gamers. I’m really happy with how it turned out, and I definitely recommend that you all check it out. If nothing else, it will clear up any doubts you might have about what my favourite movie of 2003 was.

Tomorrow is the last day to order Hoodies, Babydoll Ts and XXL/XXXL T-shirts! Act fast and avoid a life of emptiness and regret.

Sam Logan

Nov 28, 2003

She said my pasta was delicious

Today, Micro-rant: so sleepy.

If you are wanting a Hoodie or Babydoll T, act fast. There are only a few days left in which to order 'em, and after December 2nd, they will likely never be available again!

Sam Logan