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Six Years Earlier, Pt. 45

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Mar 2, 2016


How's it going, team? Did you have a nice day? I spent most of mine folding hundreds of t-shirts for the upcoming convention season. Ahh, the glamourous life of a webcartoonist!

Anyway, here's a slightly-longer-than-usual comic for you, team! There will be an even longer one on Friday. See you then!

-Sam Logan

Feb 29, 2016

Like nothing you've seen befur

I have an interesting week ahead of me, friends! Over the years, I've exhibited at comic conventions, video game conventions, tabletop conventions, and anime conventions. But this weekend, I'll be exhibiting at my first ever Furry convention: VancouFur!

Real talk: I know basically nothing about Furry conventions whatsoever. So basically, I'm expecting this weekend to be really interesting! All I know is that several furries I've met at other conventions have suggested that a guy with as many funny t-shirts with dogs and cats on them as I have would kill at a Furry show. I am not sure if that's true, but I guess we'll find out! And if nothing else, it'll be nice to attend a show where more than one other person has read Blacksad.

-Sam Logan

Feb 26, 2016


Friends! I've found myself with unexpectedly limited internet access today, so I'd best keep this newspost brief and forgo our usual Friday Q&A feature. But I'll be back in full force on Monday, along with our next comic. See you then!

-Sam Logan