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Six Years Earlier, Pt. 90

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Jun 15, 2016

The waiting game

In case you didn't immediately recognize them, the flashback interjections in today's strip are from the Sin's Gambit chapter -- specifically, the part where Brain got pretty beat up but eventually managed to pulled himself back together. At the time, it wasn't entirely clear where he got the little boost of energy from, but... well, now you know. Clearly, it came with some strings attached.

And that, my friends, is a wrap for Six Years Earlier! Thank you for joining me on this gigantic flashback adventure. Up next, we've got a couple of extra-special stand-alone strips... and then we're heading full tilt into the future with our next big story. Woo hoo! See you on Friday.

-Sam Logan

Jun 13, 2016


Come back on Wednesday for a special double-length comic! You'll be glad you did.

Meanwhile, I have returned safe and sound from England. I had a great time, but it's nice to be back home with my favourite dogs. No time for jet lag, though... we're moving to new digs at the end of the month! Time to pack up a storm.

-Sam Logan

Jun 10, 2016

The final countdown

Whew! Hard to believe it, but the end of this massive chapter is nearly upon us. Come back next week for the final twist! I suspect you won't want to miss it.

Patreon backers... don't forget to send your votes in for this month's bonus art pieces! If you're a backer (or plan on becoming one in the near future) you have until Monday to place your vote. You'll find the link in my activity feed when you log in. Go team!

-Sam Logan