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Baker's Big Adventure

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Jul 4, 2016

Baker's Big Adventure

As I recover from life chaos wraught by a) moving and b) unexpected home repairs, please enjoy one last stand-alone comic before we begin our next story!

I originally drew this sucker for Comics in Transit -- an event last year that ran gigantic comics by Vancouver artists on the side of local bus stops. (The location depicted in the comic is Vancouver's own Spanish Banks.) This is the first time I've published it the original art properly online, but some Patreon backers saw it as a bonus a few months back. (Some of you may also have seen my actual photos of the bus stop.) So apologies if it is not new to you! As a consolation prize, let me also provide you with this rather epic recently-completed drawing of Fuzzy as all 13 incarnations of the Doctor from Doctor Who. (Created at the behest of last month's Patreon voters.)

That's a wrap for today. But come back on Wednesday for the start of a new chapter and a new volume of Sam and Fuzzy! Yeeha!

-Sam Logan

Jul 1, 2016

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A:  Shapeshifting Edition
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"Is Jess the only shapeshifter? If not is she the only shapeshifter we're aware of?" -Sean

I've never had much of a chance to explore the world of shapeshifters in the comic itself... but I got to dig quite deep into their species and culture in in The Underground! (Available now physically and digitally!) The first chunk of The Underground is basically a giant lore-filled guidebook to the history, people, species, places, and organizations that make up the world of Sam and Fuzzy. Shapeshifters included!

Anyhow, as the guide reveals, there are other shapeshifters, but their community is staunchly isolationist. Only a handful of shapeshifters leave their secret homeland to live among the other cultures of the Underground. (And those that do are generally viewed as kooky eccentrics.) So there aren't a ton of them running around.

That said, there is one other minor S&F character who is secretly a shapeshifter in disguise. Their identity is also revealed in The Underground! It's a fun easter egg for people who pick it up, so I won't spoil it here.

"So last time we saw Aaron he was running around Ninja Mafia HQ. The same HQ in which a Ms. Jess Star works. Did they uh, bump into each other? Maybe?" -Tom

Now, now, Tom... guest strips are NOT CANON. Even when they are as cute as that one! I think at this point, Aaron and Jess still haven't met. Amanda sure makes it look like they'd probably make a cute couple, though!

"Is Jess' assistant Fuzzy or Bonus? Even though this setup would be a classic Fuzzy scheme, I found him too happy to be the actual Fuzzy." -Carlos

It was Fuzzy! He was just very excited about the $1 bra he planted on set before they started shooting.

That's a wrap for this week, friends! Come back on Monday for one last adventure with Baker before we kick off our next chapter. See you then!

-Sam Logan

Jun 29, 2016

Occupational hazards

Things are a little crazy over here, friends! First we were moving, and then we did move, but now we've had to move back out again while our new place undergoes some somewhat-more-complicated-than-expected repairs. We're currently crashing with family while the work gets done. Needless to say, it's been a pretty chaotic couple of weeks. (I am getting a little tired of constantly packing and moving and unpacking my computer setup... whoof!)

To give myself a little bit of a mental breather, I'm going to extend this little gag-comic breather by one more update than originally planned. Our new chapter will kick off on Wednesday, after some final one-off gag antics on Monday.

BUT FIRST: Come back on Friday for our Jess Star finale! Also on Friday: a new round of reader Q and A! (As always, if you've got a question you'd like me to answer, just pop it in an email with "Q and A" in the subject line.)

-Sam Logan