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Dec 31, 2003

Happy new year, it's a cold one, hope you let go of the old one

I've never really used this space to wax philosophical about my personal life, so I probably shouldn't start now. But I have to say, 2003 was on the whole a pretty darn good year for me, and if that was in any way a result of something I actively did, it would probably be a good idea for me to figure out what exactly that was and then try to do it again. Or perhaps write a book about it and sell it to other people.

For me, 2003 will be remembered as the year that this website really took off. Thank you to everyone who has helped make this website something I can keep doing! You guys make me feel like I'm really cool -- a delusion that required no small effort on your part to encourage.

I opened my inbox the other day to find a link to a comic that I thought was pretty neat. Housd is definitely worth taking a look at, especially if you are stuck at home or work this new years and need some extra entertaining.

Sam Logan

Dec 29, 2003

Three hours later and seven shots of jager

A lot of folks have been asking me about the abandoned boxing day strip that I mentioned in last Friday's rant. Unfortunately, I can't post it, no matter how nicely you all ask, because I never actually drew the comic in question. But if you are really curious, here is the "script":

Panel 1:

Fuzzy walks in wearing boxing gloves

SAM: Uh, what's with the boxing gloves, Fuzzy?

FUZZY: It's boxing day, stupid.

Panel 2:

SAM: Yeah, but it's not that kind of boxing.

FUZZY: Seriously?

Fuzzy looks down at gloves

Panel 3:


Panel 4:

Fuzzy punches Sam in the face

See, the joke is that Sam got hurt and stuff. And wasn't that every bit as funny as it would have been if I had drawn it? Just think of how much time I would save if I presented all my strips in this manner. HAHAHA.

Sam Logan

Dec 26, 2003

Boxing's been good to me Howard

You're all lucky someone told me the other day that Americans do not celebrate Boxing Day -- I nearly made today's strip a joke that about 90 percent of my readers would not have understood!

The director in today's strip wasn't drawn to look like Author from Instant Classic on purpose, but now that I think about it, if he had been it would have made sense!

Sam Logan