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Crossed Wires, Pt. 53

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Jan 25, 2017

Hale and Harty

If you need a reminder about how, exactly, Fridge/Hart and Candice wound up tagging along in Brain's body, the short explanation starts here. (The long explanation, on the other hand, is chronicled in our giant flashback saga, Six Years Earlier!)

Things are coming along well with the new books! I'm finishing up all the new bonus features this week... after that, it'll be time to prep 'em up for printing. Wooo!

We return on Friday with a new comic and a new round of Q and A. As always, if you've got a question you'd like answered, just pop it in an email with "Q and A" in the subject line!

-Sam Logan

Jan 23, 2017


In case you need a refresher, here's the last time Sam and the-demon-formerly-known-as-Fridge had a heart to heart. Or is that a heart to Hart? Either or.

And as another brief a reminder, dear reader: Volume 5 of our Sam and Fuzzy print collections is now available to preorder! Thanks to Kickstarter backers, it's packed with exclusive bonus features, including author commentary, concept art, Malcolm's conspiracy blog, and a bunch more.

There's also a brand new Hardcover omnibus collection of 1-5, which will match your hardcover Classic and Noosehead prequel omnibuses, should you have a pair of those! And if you're missing any of our previous books, you can order 'em alongside the new ones.

-Sam Logan

Jan 20, 2017

Rest Zone

I'm a little under the gun this week, friends, so I think I'll take a wee break from our traditional Friday Q and A feature. It will return in full force this week!

In the meantime, though... here's a new comic! It took a long time to draw.

That's a wrap for now! We return on Monday with our next comic. See you then!


-Sam Logan