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Crossed Wires, Pt. 58

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Feb 6, 2017


I'm on vacation this week, friends! But you know what isn't on vacation? Sam and Fuzzy! (Because I drew a bunch of comics before I left.) Our next strip arrives on Wednesday, as usual.

Obligatory reminder: those of you who missed our Kickstarter can now preorder our new books! The new softcover edition of Volume 5, and the new hardcover omnibus collection of 1-5, are both available, as are all our previous books. There are also a few shirts and baubles, and even a couple custom pin-up-y commissions, that can be bundled with your preorder, if you would like!

All our pre-orders will be mailed alongside our Kickstarter backer orders this spring!

-Sam Logan

Feb 3, 2017

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A:  Shoot 'em Edition
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"Whoa, was Dev about to shoot Brain? That seems... surprisingly bloodthirsty for her." -Greg

I think I probably should have clarified that the blaster Dev was using was set to stun! As much as Dev is sick of Brain running around freely, she's definitely looking to capture him, not vaporize him.

"Now that Hart has re-emerged from inside Brain, is there a possibility that we will hear from Candice again?" -Christopher

We'll continue to hear from the Candice voice that is currently dwelling inside his head, for sure! But it's probably best to think of that voice as an echo of Candice -- a little impression of her personality that was left on the nearly-dead Fridge/Hart during their struggle -- rather than as Candice herself.

"Since Brain/Hart/Candace had already acquired all of Mr. Sin's memories before his death, wouldn't they have already known the true identity of Unit 01?" -Martin

Brain can read (and if desired, remove) a person's memories. But he doesn't, like, download a copy of their entire mind. That's a hard limit I put on Brain's abilities to, among other things, ensure there was no posibility he could ever restore Eric's memories. When Brain he latches onto someone's head, he's just browsing, and whatever he doesn't actively search for or accidentally stumble across is does not going to stay with him.

During their final showdown, Brain briefly interfaced with Sin's mind to take the handful of specific pieces of information  that he thought were relevant at that time. But after that, I'm pretty sure he just, uh... ate him. It was a spiteful show of disdain for the value of Sin's memories and experiences, which I tried to convey as best I could in the dialogue of that scene. After all, it would turn out to have been more than a little short-sighted on his part!

I think Brain would be pretty overwhelmed if he tried to engage with the entirety of someone's noggin. Using and controlling his ability is physically difficult for him, which is why it sometimes results in the accidental partial or total memory erasure of his victims. Plus, we've seen in recent comics just how much he has struggled to keep his thinking straight since Hart/Fridge (and the accompanying echo of Candice) joined him in his head. Imagine how bad it would get with all his victim's complete memories in there!

That's a wrap for this week, my friends. Come back on Monday for our next comic!

-Sam Logan

Feb 1, 2017


Running a little behind today, friends, so I'll keep things brief down here. But here's a new comic for you! Come back on Friday for the next one.

-Sam Logan