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Jan 12, 2004

Tourists wear their wallets in high places when abroad

I hope you all take an extra moment today to truly appreciate the many serious undertones, overtones and throughertones of today's comic. If you find yourself asking, "How does my caprocity segatiate with my copious opinions?" you are likely on the right track.

It's fun to be political, folks! All the cool kids are doing it.

Sam Logan

Jan 9, 2004

I love the smell of burning bridges

While I don't possess an intense hatred for freedom-loving ways, sometimes I still feel like I live in a cave. How could I have gone so long without ever having read Checkerboard Nightmare? I mean, not only has this comic been running for over three years, but also it's a member of Keenspot, for goodness sake! In any event, I have read it now, and if you haven't, you should to. It's seriously good.


Sam Logan

Jan 7, 2004

I know you know everybody everyone let's go

I don't tend to talk about video games much here because this is not a gaming comic. But if all you non-gamers would bear with me for a moment, I would really like to talk about Beyond Good and Evil.

These days, games are trying to be more and more like movies, and generally, they have been successful -- successful in the sense that they, like most movies today, suck. But Beyond Good and Evil is different. The story is intelligent and masterfully executed. The characters are well developed and brought to life through excellent voice acting and animation. And the art direction is outstanding -- Michael Ancel has crafted an world of visual splendor with breathtaking environments and over fifty different species of original wildlife. Quite frankly, if this game had been a movie instead of a game, it would be one of the best films of the year. That Beyond Good and Evil is actually interactive, and that those interactive elements are as enjoyable and varried as they are, is nothing short of mind-boggling.

It's hard for me to convey everything that I loved about this game in a paragraph. But, I'm giving it a shot anyway. Why? Because the game is selling like crap. Maybe there just isn't room in the market for a completely original game that isn't based on an existing franchise, or a game that stars a female character who doesn't have boobs the size of her head. But whatever the reason, Ubisoft has dropped the price to $20 US in retaliation. Now, if you have a PS2, Xbox, Gamecube or gaming PC, you really have no reason not to play this game. So just check out the official website. Trust me! When have I ever steered you wrong?

Sam Logan