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Jan 30, 2004

We called him baby

Mike Smith of Exe-World emailed me the other day to show me an article he wrote for an art class. Basically, it's a breakdown of the storytelling mechanics used in Sam and Fuzzy, and in Tiff, Pt. 18 in particular. It was really surreal to read something like this written about my own comic. But it's reassuring to see that people can actually tell what I'm trying to do. I posted it in the fanart section, because I didn't know where else to put it.

There is also a new piece of actual fanart in there, so check it out!

Sam Logan

Jan 28, 2004

Hey megalomaniac

I have trouble making "top ten" lists of anything.

Whenever I try, one of two things happens. Sometimes, I come up with the first three or four immediately, but then can't think of any others that come even close to being in the same category. Other times, I wind up with a giant list that I can't manage to narrow down. And in both cases, I usually have difficulty assigning rankings to whatever I chose.

It's much easier if it's asinine. For example, I didn't have much trouble settling on my list of top twenty-six favourite letters, ranked alphabetically.

Sam Logan

Jan 26, 2004

Note: The shirt shop has been fixed to be compatible with Mozilla. Order with impunity, Mozilla users!

Still crazy after all these years

Expect limited rantage this week, folks, as I plow through one of the many periods of assignment completing panic that will likely characterize the remainder of my time at university.

Congratulations to the perpetrators of 24 for winning the Golden Globe for best TV drama! You guys deserve it -- this is your best season yet.

Sam Logan