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Deep Down, Pt. 17

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Dec 13, 2017

Deus Rex

Rexford and Sam were, as you may recall, best buds for a while... 'til Rex decided to throw Sam under a bus, anyway. A fair-weathered friend, indeed!

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Dec 11, 2017

American Christmas Shipping Alert

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Dec 8, 2017

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A:  SFX Edition
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"I've always really enjoyed your creation of Sam's big Ocean's 11 style plans. Do you have a particular method in coming up with how to write one, or does it just sort of come out naturally for you?" -Tripp

I think in most cases, there's one specific element I want the story to contain, and then I construct a caper around that. In Four Finger Discount, that element was revealing the existense of vampires at the expense of double crossing a lot of people. In Off the Sauce -- although I guess that one was Gert's plan -- it was doing a burlesque-based heist where Gert could get a little revenge on Sam. And with this particular chapter, it's a weird break-in that makes specific use of the eclectic skills of everyone Sam could call in a favour from!

"'Krack'? Ouch." -Claire

Ha ha! That does sound a little back breaking, doesn't it? Maybe went a bit overboard there.

This is kind of a weird aside but... I have never felt particularly good at sound effects. I mean, picking the right onomatapoeic "word" to use with the right action. Sometimes it's really hard to know what a thing should sound like! Maybe that's why I tend to go light on sound effects in general... in Sam and Fuzzy, they only tend to be present for particularly dramatic actions or for comedic effect.

"Is there any particular Q&A style question you want to answer that readers just haven't asked yet?" -Dawson

This was it! FINALLY!

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-Sam Logan

"Krack”? Ouch.