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Feb 13, 2004

The lowest highest point

Alteka has updated her site with more pics of the awesome Sonic model that she made for me. There are better photos than mine, and also information about how it was built. Pretty sweet!

My t-shirt distributor Neil has informed me that all I'm Communism shirts will be shipping either today or on Saturday. Celebrate! Rejoice! Consume!

Sam Logan

Feb 11, 2004

It's a dirty job but they're very suave

A note to everyone who has ordered an I'm Communism shirt: all shirts are being printed as we speak (or type) and will be mailed shortly. You will recieve an email notice when yours has been mailed. I hope you are as excited as I am!

Check out this fantastic model of Sonic the Hedgehog that my girlfriend Alteka has made for me! It's her most ambitious model to date, and it has turned out great. That little Sonic is only a little over two inches high, and the entire thing is hand-painted. Plus, there are plenty of great little details in the environment that Sonic nuts like myself will appreciate. Lookit!

Colour photos: 1 2 3

Apologies for my lousy photography. I'll post some better ones when I'm able.

Also, now that it is back from the dead-server, Instant Classic is updating again. Thank goodness!
Sam Logan

Feb 9, 2004

A life at home eating porridge is best

The I'm Communism shirt may be gone, but worry not. I will probably bring it back some day in the far future, and in the meantime, the classic shirt and perhaps a few others will be available.

Still, if you're looking for some sweet new shirt designs, check out Fourteen Four T-shirts. If you are very self aware about your webcomic reading/creating status, these shirts will make sure that everyone else you know is aware of it as well.

Instant Classic is back up after an extended bout with severe server failure. Welcome back, Brian! And speaking of cool webcomics, I stumbled across Rugg today. It is definitely worth your time... just read the first few strips and you'll see what I mean!

Sam Logan