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Apr 18, 2018


Nic and Tats didn't get to cameo as a part of Sam's nonsensical heist plan, so I thought it'd be fun to pay them a brief visit. And I did it in COLOUR, since it's a stand alone and Nicole's goofy costume leant itself well to it!

In other news, I've been posting some fun art on my various social medias lately, including a drawing of my D&D character and some previews of the Nic burlesque set and other bonus pieces I've been drawing for my Patreon. Check 'em out if you like my art even when it doesn't have words on top of it!

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-Sam Logan

Apr 16, 2018

Malcolm Explains...

I've got some fun comics for you all to conusme while I get geared up for our next big chapter! First up is the return of "Malcolm Explains the Universe" (last seen here), in which our favourite conspiracy theorist points out what he considers to be some of S&F's most aggregious continuity errors. Enjoy, and be sure to come back on Wednesday for our next comic!

-Sam Logan

Apr 13, 2018

Camosun Comic Arts Festival Tomorrow!

A spooky Brain comic for you on this, the most 13th of Fridays. Ahh! Come back on Monday for our next comic. I've got some fun stuff lined up for you next week.

And if you're going to be in Victoria, BC tomorrow, come see me at the free-to-attend Camosun Comic Arts Festival!

-Sam Logan