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Brain Damage, Pt. 37

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Mar 18, 2019


I love cartoon swears. I love them. (You may have noticed this by now.)

Well, another great Emerald City Comic Con has come and gone. Thanks to everyone who came by to say hello! I had a blast, as always. But now it's time to rest up a little... before heading out next week to check out WonderCon in Anaheim! No rest for a con artist...

-Sam Logan



Mar 15, 2019

ECCC continues

I'm off at Emerald City today! If you are too, come by the booth in the Skybridge. And if you're not... well, here's a comic for you all the same! The next one arrives on Monday. See you then!

-Sam Logan

Mar 13, 2019

Emerald City Comic Con Starts Tomorrow!

Going to be at ECCC in Seattle this weekend? Come by the Topatoco booth in the skybridge and say hello! (It's booth 1606!) I'll be hanging out there during the show, drawing pictures and signing stuff! And they'll have a truly massive array of S&F swag, too, including all my books and tons of shirt and poster designs.

We return on Friday with our next comic. See you then!

-Sam Logan