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Sam and Fuzzy and Trevor, Pt. 8

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Jun 10, 2020

Trevor is helping

Ok! Here's the part of the story where it starts to get a little weird.

MEANWHILE: The Sam and Fuzzy Kickstarter has entered it's final week. And I'm happy to report that we crossed a new stretch goal yesterday! That means that a special Sam and Fuzzy timeline feature will now be added to all editions of the final book.

I'm super excited about this one! As you all know, after 17 years of story and world-building, Sam and Fuzzy built up a pretty elaborate continuity. I think it's going to be really satisfying to see it all plotted out in timeline form! In particular, I think it's going to be really interesting to see the important personal milestones of various characters (ie: the year Sam was born, the year Dev started college, the year Hazel met Brain) charted alongside the major events of the S&F universe and the Underground.

Sam and Fuzzy has always avoided specifying what actual year the "present" is, so to preserve this, I'll mostly be identifying the years with an internal numbering system, like you've occassionally seen me use for Q and A answers here. Sam and Fuzzy met for the first time at Christmas in "Year 0", and had the first year of their adventures together in "Year One". But the timeline will span hundreds of years, from the creation of the Committee all the way to the series finale. (And of course, most importantly: it will include the life of famed 17th century chemist Robert Boyle.)

Thanks for all your support, everyone! It's super exciting to unlock this addition... and of course, it's also pretty exciting to see us push ever closer to our Hardcover 3-5 Slipcases and Art Gallery goals. 7 (and a bit) days to go!

That's all for today. But come back on Friday for our next comic!

-Sam Logan

Jun 8, 2020

Kickstarters and Slipcases

Whoops! I accidentally uploaded this comic a little early on Sunday. Sorry for the confusion!

In other news: 9 days remain to back the Sam and Fuzzy Kickstarter! And we've got some pretty fun stretch goals for the rest of the campaign, including... yes... a slipcase for hardcovers 3-5!

We've already secured a slipcase for all our brand new Hardcover 6-7 sets, and 1-2 already come with one! So I would love to go back and make a case for 3-5 so that every hardcover has a slipcase home.  If we can do it, it will be included with all our Complete Saga/New Series tiers, and also available for existing hardcover owners to buy as an add-on!

The image up above shows how all three cases would look together, should we be able to make the third (middle) one. Pretty slick, right? And we've got a bunch of other potential stretch goal additions, too. (At the moment, we are very close to unlocking that Timeline one, which is awesome.)

Ok! That's all for today! But come back on Wednesday for our next comic. See you then!

-Sam Logan

Jun 5, 2020

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A:  Trevorer Edition
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"Great to reminisce over all these years of Sam & Fuzzy & Trevor. I couldn't help linking Trevor to X-Men's ForgetMeNot, a character that has been on the X-Men since the early days in most of their seminal moments - any reader not remembering that just being an occurrence of his power breaking the fourth wall. Did you read those comics? Was there any inspiration? Who was I comparing Trevor to?" -Carlos

I haven't heard of ForgetMeNot before, but he sounds interesting! A few other folks have asked if I was inspired by other "forgotten character" or "lame cast addition" metacharacters like Larry from Pinky and the Brain, Poochie from the Simpsons, or even Mr. Poopybuttholefrom Rick and Morty.

But to be honest, the Trevor character and story was really inspired primarily by, well... Trevor. I touched on this a little last week, but Trevor was an old, old idea for an S&F character that I just never found a place for in the Sam and Fuzzy webcomic. Now that the story is over, thinking about poor old Trev -- and how he ultimately never made it in -- inspired the idea of a little story about a character who has no reason to be there. (There's also one other thematic idea that helped inspire this story, which should become more clear next week.)

"So I see Trevor has now inserted himself into the classic era... So tell me... has he, in fact, stolen bonus’s magic time-travelling sombrero and gone back to the classic era to insert himself into Sam and Fuzzy’s old lives in order to prevent them from being mind controlled by their canned pork?" -Soren

Haha! No sombreros! I don't want to spoil anything, but this isn't a time travel story.

(That said, while this story is sombrero free, I did do a very stupid little bonus comic for Patreon about Bonus getting a different famous S&F hat.)

"For how long have you been wanting to write these Trevor bits?" -Catherine

Honestly, not very! The idea for this story came to me extremely recently. I thought it might be fun to write a couple new "Classic"-era comics to while I was running the Kickstarter for the final Sam and Fuzzy books, so I took some time to brainstorm possible ideas and this is what came to me. And I liked the idea so much, I wrote a complete little story about it! And I'm having a blast making it. (As you can probably tell.) I love Trevor, lol.

That's all for this week, team. Come back on Monday for our next comic.

-Sam Logan