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May 21, 2004

Tires that grab the road

Whew! The ninja shirts are done, and will be up for preorders on Monday. But right now, you can get a sneak peak at the two designs in the shop.

As with the I'm Communism design, most of the Ninja Mafia shirts will only be available for two weeks. However, the design that sells the most will live on (in t-shirt form) as a permanent fixture in the shop, while the other design will be retired on June 4th. Yes, with your t-shirt purchase you not only will you be buying a sexy piece of clothing, but also striking a mighty blow in a fearsome ninja mafia t-shirt war. (If you're a pacifist sort, you can always get one of each.)

All joking aside, I'm actually really curious to see which design is more popular. I'm happy with them both. I'd probably make them both permanent items in the shop if I could afford the backstock.

Sam Logan

May 19, 2004

A seat at the table

Sam and Fuzzy forumer Jim Doe wanted to know if Roger the head from Monday's strip was the same guy as Roger the Sam-replacement from this golden oldie. It would kind of make sense if he was, but I didn't plan it that way. Perhaps subconciously I have it in for people named Roger.

Sam Logan

PS: Rogers of the world, you have nothing to fear. I am only joking. OR AM I? Yes I am.

May 17, 2004

Too good too bad

The two ninja mafia shirts will (finally) go on sale on Monday. I'll probably show some preview images of the final designs later this week.

And now, for no particular reason, here are my ten favourite Beatles songs.

10. Day in the Life

9. Revolution (Single)

8. Lady Madonna

7. My Life

6. Taxman

5. If I Fell

4. Golden Slumbers

3. Paperback Writer

2. I Saw Her Standing There

1. For No One

I'm sure you are a better person for knowing that.

Sam Logan