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May 26, 2004

Bauer Power Hour

24's season finale was brilliant -- definitely an ending worthy of the show's best season. Expect me to plug this show repeatedly when the third season is released on DVD in September. If you missed it on TV you have to see it on DVD. The next season doesn't begin until January of 2005, so you'll have four months to get caught up. And once you are caught up, you'll definitely be thankful that you only had to wait four months for season four, instead of eight like moi.

Ninja Mafia shirt sales are pretty close. The "3 Ninja" shirt is in the lead by a few shirts, but surprisingly, most people have been buying the two pack. Apparently you people like your ninjas as much as you like your communism. I'm cool with that.

Sam Logan

May 24, 2004

The great big nil

The Ninja Mafia shirts have arrived. Try to remember back when you thought the Ninja Mafia was cool, back before you saw one in a mini skirt.

Thursday is the official date of Sam and Fuzzy's two-year anniversary. I don't have anything special planned, other than finally getting around to updating the long-ignored fanart gallery.

There is a new Slipknot album coming out tommorrow. The band has been the subject of much debate lately. I mean, debate besides the usual one about whether or not they suck. Now personally, I think the band is pretty decent. I don't think it's really worth getting extensively into my reasons why -- to make a long story short, there as just a lot more talent in Slipknot then one would expect from a "nu metal" band of nine grown men who prance around in masks.

I'd like to think the new album proves it. Compared to their earlier work, Volume 3: The Subliminal Verses is infinitely tighter, startling more complex and varied, and much, much more interesting. It's still heavy, but not all of the time. The band tries a lot of new things here, and most of them turned out very well. Of course, some fans don't want diversity on a Slipknot album -- especially if it means the addition of, heaven forbid, a ballad or two.

But don't believe the hype, kids. This is a heavy album. Please do not buy it for your grandmother because you heard Slipknot went pop. She isn't going to like it.

Sam Logan

May 21, 2004

Tires that grab the road

Whew! The ninja shirts are done, and will be up for preorders on Monday. But right now, you can get a sneak peak at the two designs in the shop.

As with the I'm Communism design, most of the Ninja Mafia shirts will only be available for two weeks. However, the design that sells the most will live on (in t-shirt form) as a permanent fixture in the shop, while the other design will be retired on June 4th. Yes, with your t-shirt purchase you not only will you be buying a sexy piece of clothing, but also striking a mighty blow in a fearsome ninja mafia t-shirt war. (If you're a pacifist sort, you can always get one of each.)

All joking aside, I'm actually really curious to see which design is more popular. I'm happy with them both. I'd probably make them both permanent items in the shop if I could afford the backstock.

Sam Logan