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Jun 9, 2004

You can kill the lizard

Whew! Even though I draw the comics themselves weeks in advance, I usually save the computer "touch up" work until immediately before they run on the site. And like I said once upon a time in the tutorial, most of that touch up work is editing the dialogue text to make my printing legible.

Well, let's just say that today's strip gave me a heck of a workout. Maybe it's time for me to make the move to a computer font -- I think it might actually be faster! It'd have to be a font based on my own printing, though. Comics that use regular computer fonts just... never look quite right to me. But that's because I'm so OLD SKOOL.


Sam Logan


Jun 7, 2004

What are we made out of?

I'm feeling a bit under the weather tonight. I had intended to use this evening to revamp the extremely out-of-date links page and work on some art commissions, but I... er... didn't. Instead, I took a very unproductive nap at Alteka's house. But I'm still feeling a little sick and a lot sleepy. I guess my sinful life of late nights, rock and roll and baking cookies has finally caught up with me.

This just in! Scary Go Round: still awesome. The current storyline compels me to plug, but honestly, I've done it so many times before that I'm running out of nice things to say about John A. I hear he respects fire-fighters and often hugs the elderly.

edit: Why, yes, I did mean to write "third person" in the second panel of today's comic, rather than "first person." I guess I was even sleepier than I thought! Anyhoo, it's fixed now. Rock on!

Sam Logan

Jun 4, 2004

I might not be the flashiest dresser in the room

The Three Ninjas shirts have gained a sufficiently substatial lead in sales for me to declare them the winner of the Mighty Ninja Shirt Battle. That makes today the last day that the Ninja Van t-shirt will be available for purchase. Today is also the last day for ordering babydoll ts and hoodies in either design. I will miss them all dearly. And so will you if you don't buy one in the next 24 hours. PRESSURE PRESSURE OMG

I was pleasantly surprised by Sonic Advance 3, especially after the two definitively mediocre games that preceeded it. While the third game still has a few too many bottomless pits, hidden spikes and other cheap deaths, the level design is leaps and bounds ahead of its predecessors. The stages are (mostly) memorable and cleverly designed, and at their best, actually approach the quality of the original Genesis games. Sonic Advance 3 is still worse than those classics, but it comes closer to replicating their successes than any handheld Sonic game ever has before. It's good stuff.

Sam Logan