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Friday Night, Pt. 2

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Jun 23, 2004

Let'sa go

I've gotten quite a few photos of folks in their Ninja Mafia duds. I'm going to wait a few more days before posting them all, so if you too are looking for your five seconds of internet fame, get those digital cams snapping! I got my shirts in the mail today, but I don't own any kind of camera, digital or otherwise.

I imagine that a lot of gamers are annoyed that every second Gameboy Advance game is a port of an old SNES title. But back in the days of the old "console wars," I fell squarely and completely in the Sega camp, so the GBA is providing me with the opportunity to catch up on many of the great games I missed. I've been really enjoying Yoshi's Island (now repackaged as Super Mario Advance 3), but if I have to hear that crying Mario baby one more time there is going to be a Gamecube controller-shaped hole in my television.

Sam Logan

Jun 21, 2004

The curse of the crowded room

I'm sure you all remember back when Fuzzy applied on Sam's behalf, but you might not remember when Sam worked at Doughnut Hut. That was a long time ago!

The nominees for the 2004 Web Cartoonist's Choice Awards have been announced. I really don't know anything at all about the WCCAs or the people who organize them. But whatever these awards are, Sam and Fuzzy was nominated for three of them: in outstanding Black and White Art, Short Form Comic, and Web Design (go Ashton!) I have no idea how many cartoonists actually participate in the nomination process, but it's always nice to see Sam and Fuzzy showing up on the radar somewhere.

I can't stop listening to the song "Most of us Prizefighters" by A.C. Newman. Newman is the frontman from the New Pornographers, and this song of his is like drugs. Musical drugs.

Sam Logan

Jun 18, 2004

Damn it, Max, I told you not to leave your picket signs on my annual fiscal reports!

Good news, everyone. Fuzzy's show has been picked up by the Fox network. Naturally, a few changes had to be made. Arthur and Max have been replaced with Cindy and Christy, two twenty-something white women in a contest to see who can get the most large and patriotic breast implants. They're going to call it Who Needs Integrity, Boobies Flags Money Freedom!

I shouldn't joke. For the last few years, most of the few TV shows I have watched regularly have aired on Fox. Or, more accurately, they have been cancelled by Fox. Family Guy, Futurama, Keen Eddie, Firefly... I imagine they would have cancelled 24 too, if it hadn't been so good at bringing in viewers from the "buy a Ford, stupid" demographic. (But between you and me, there is a reason Jack Bauer goes through so many different Fords in each season of 24.)

Some people have already recieved their Ninja Mafia shirts. If you've got yours and can send me some photos of you wearing it, I'll post them on the site!

Sam Logan