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Season's Greetings from the Saucy Hippo

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Dec 22, 2021

Staple Gun

We pause our current story for some holiday programming, starting with a spruced up piece I originally drew last year for my Patreon. Season's Greetings from your fictional pals at the Saucy Hippo!

We return on Friday for well wishes from some decidedly less imaginary friends. See you then!

-Sam Logan

Dec 20, 2021

Bat Cluster

When you think about it, the bat cluster is pretty advanced technique! No one appreciates Jess's artistry.

I am having a lot of fun with Bats On, Bats Off! What started as a one-off gag has turned into a whole story, which you'll be seeing more of soon.

But right now... the holidays are upon us! So I'll be briefly pausing our current story here to run some other fun stuff that I prepped up to run while I'm on my Christmas break.

Come back on Wednesday for more stuff!

-Sam Logan

Dec 17, 2021

Bat'll be all, Jess

Jess means well! It can just be hard to tell sometimes.

It's hard to believe, but the holiday season is upon us! Come back on Monday for our next comic.

-Sam Logan