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Friday Night, Pt. 8

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Jul 7, 2004

Forty feet remain

I'm afraid I've been letting you all down. Two years into this webcomic gig, and I haven't had a single high-profile fight with another webcomic author. I feel I've been depriving you all of an integral part of the webcomic experience. Sure, not every webcartoonist gets into these kind of disputes. But damn it, I'm willing to go the extra mile. I'm willing to throw that gauntlet down for you, the reader. Because I care.

I've decided to pick a fight with good buddy and fellow Dayfree-presser Jeph, of Questionable Content. My reasons are doing so are numerous. For one thing, he has more readers than me. But more importantly, he offends me on a profound and inexcusable level. Also, he is kind of shifty looking, and I hear he has unpleasant body odor. Should I have to take that? HELL NO!

I will never abandon this fight, because I am obviously 100 percent in the right. I will never give up, and I will never give in! No, I will not rest until the evil-doers have been brought to jus... wait, what was I talking about?

Sam Logan

Jul 5, 2004

Thank you for your interest, young man

As promised, the Ninja Mafia shirt photos are now viewable in the shop. Some of them are clearer and better framed, but I love them all equally.

In my never-ending quest to be exactly like Jeph and John, I'm going to do the whole top-ten-albums-of-the-year deal at the end of this year. I don't really think I'm qualified to pick the year's "best" albums, but I should at least be able to defend my personal favourites. And since we've reached 2004's half-way point, now is as good a time as any for me to share my favourite five so far. If you're anything like me, you probably like to "try before you buy," so I've included the names of a couple of "must hear" tracks from each album that I think will sell you on the whole discs.

A.C. Newman - The Slow Wonder

I never really got into the New Pornographers, but their frontman's debut solo album had me hooked instantly. A great pop-rock album that comes heavily recommended by three-out-of-four webcartoonists.

Must Hear: Miracle Drug, Most of us Prizefighters

Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand

Kind of like the Strokes, only with a pulse. Actually, it's exactly like that.

Must Hear: Jacqueline, Take Me Out

Slipknot - Vol 3.: The Subliminal Verses

Fantastic on its own, but plain astounding considering the band's back catalog. From a group I used to enjoy simply because they were so ridiculous comes a CD that I enjoy because it is SO GREAT. More variety, depth and musicality than you'd expect from nine screaming dudes in masks.

Must Hear: The Blister Exists, Danger - Keep Away, Opium of the People

The Living End - Modern Artillery

This disc was technically a 2003 release in some parts of the world, but North America finally got with it earlier this year. It's a shame that these guys still don't have much of a following here, since they keep getting better and better with every album.

Must Hear: Jimmy, One Said to the Other

Clutch - Blast Tyrant

Clutch is great. RAAAR! I'm sure getting sick of writing these album descriptions.

Must Hear: Cypress Groove, The Mob Goes Wild

Listen, love, purchase.

Sam Logan

Jul 2, 2004

I'm just a crosshair

Whew! I just got home from the Canada Day celebrations, and I nearly forgot to update the website before going to bed! Man, that would have been a stupid way to break my perfect updating record. I was going to post the photos of readers in their Ninja Mafia gear tonight, but it's way too late to get started on a project like that. I'll put em all up on Monday though, I promise!

Spider-Man 2 was fantastic. It's easily my favourite comic-to-movie adaptation ever. I don't know what combination of stellar acting, computer animation, animatronics and witchcraft was required to make a live-action Doc Ock appear genuinely menacing, but apparently this flick's creatives did. Alfred Molina owns every second he spends on screen.

Sam Logan