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Friday Night, Pt. 10

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Jul 12, 2004

He was killed in a cellular phone explosion

The increasingly gargantuan fan art gallery has been updated with plenty of new goodies, including some fine drawings and some photos of Ninja Mafia cosplayers.

I have been talking with my so-called "arch-nemesis" Jeph Jacques recently, and it seems we are not as different as we once thought. We may disagree on a few small issues, but they are a mere triffle when compared to our common principles and beliefs. This "rivalry" has to end. Jeph and I have far bigger issues to tackle... together.

Vote Jacques/Logan in 2004. We have work to do.

Sam Logan

Jul 9, 2004

You've been found out, admit it

As a result of my irreconcilable differences with Jeph Jacques, you may have heard some things about me lately. But of course, you can't trust a single word said by Jeph "kicks babies" Jacques. Jeph "disrespects veterans" Jacques. Jeph "'Stalin was an all-right guy, really'" Jacques. For shame!

And yes, due to popular demand, I'm Communism t-shirts and hoodies are returning in a little more than a week. They'll be on sale for two weeks, and then they'll be gone until Christmas.

I was going to update the fanart gallery tonight, but I think I'll put it off until Monday. Remember kids, never put off putting-off today what you can put off putting-off tommorrow.

Sam Logan

Jul 7, 2004

Forty feet remain

I'm afraid I've been letting you all down. Two years into this webcomic gig, and I haven't had a single high-profile fight with another webcomic author. I feel I've been depriving you all of an integral part of the webcomic experience. Sure, not every webcartoonist gets into these kind of disputes. But damn it, I'm willing to go the extra mile. I'm willing to throw that gauntlet down for you, the reader. Because I care.

I've decided to pick a fight with good buddy and fellow Dayfree-presser Jeph, of Questionable Content. My reasons are doing so are numerous. For one thing, he has more readers than me. But more importantly, he offends me on a profound and inexcusable level. Also, he is kind of shifty looking, and I hear he has unpleasant body odor. Should I have to take that? HELL NO!

I will never abandon this fight, because I am obviously 100 percent in the right. I will never give up, and I will never give in! No, I will not rest until the evil-doers have been brought to jus... wait, what was I talking about?

Sam Logan