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Friday Night, Pt. 12

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Jul 16, 2004

I already know the ending, it's the part that makes your face implode

They Might Be Giants and Homestar Runner: together at last. It's like some kind of geeky dream project, and both sets of artists are at their best. I love the song, I love the video -- the whole thing just makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

I'm Communism t-shirts and hoodies return on Monday. Monday will also see a guest strip by myself for my arch-nemesis/running-mate Jeph at Questionable Content. It's going to be a good week, I'd wager!

Sam Logan

Jul 14, 2004

Everything went numb for the money and the guns

There has been entirely too much talk about my "good taste" in music. I'm just as capable as the next guy at liking terrible songs. Today's guilty pleasure: "Walkie Talkie Man," by Steriogram. It's fast, fun and stupid. JUST LIKE ME. Oh burn.

Alteka has been talking about a trip to the beach on Friday to build castles and shower her with birthday presents. If this sounds like a good time to you (and WHY WOULDN'T IT?), and you live in Victoria, you're welcome to meet us there.

Sam Logan

Jul 12, 2004

He was killed in a cellular phone explosion

The increasingly gargantuan fan art gallery has been updated with plenty of new goodies, including some fine drawings and some photos of Ninja Mafia cosplayers.

I have been talking with my so-called "arch-nemesis" Jeph Jacques recently, and it seems we are not as different as we once thought. We may disagree on a few small issues, but they are a mere triffle when compared to our common principles and beliefs. This "rivalry" has to end. Jeph and I have far bigger issues to tackle... together.

Vote Jacques/Logan in 2004. We have work to do.

Sam Logan