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Sam and Baker, Pt. 13

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Jun 27, 2022

Yum yum

This Friday: Q and A returns! If you've got a question you'd like me to answer, just pop it in an email with "Q and A" in the subject line.

Also: Attention, Saucy Hippo-tier Patreon backers! This year's annual survey -- where y'all get to vote on what kinds of "nsfw" comics and artwork I do next -- is now live. If you're a member (or are planning on signing up in the near future), get yer votes in by Friday! We'll be doing a little prize draw for an original drawing. Woo!

-Sam Logan

Jun 24, 2022

Forward looking

Life is truly a series of little gifts.

Come back on Monday like our next comic!

-Sam Logan

Jun 22, 2022


Some revelations take a whole day to click in.

Come back on Friday for our next comic!

-Sam Logan