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Sam and Baker, Pt. 28

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Aug 3, 2022

Gen Con 2022!

We're at Gen Con starting tomorrow! If you are also at Gen Con, definitely come by the booth and say hi.

You can find me at the big BFE Webcomics Booth (booth #1439) alongside many of my fellow webcomicers! We'll have a wide array of my swag, including both of my Gen Con Pin Bazaar pins. (While they last!)

All right! That's all for today. But see y'all on Friday with our next comic!

-Sam Logan

Aug 1, 2022

In transit

We're off en route to Gen Con today! But don't you worry... I got your comic for you right here! And this time, there isn't even any Smash Mouth in there. You're welcome!

See you on Wednesday with our next comic!

-Sam Logan

Jul 29, 2022

Hey now

And we're back! We have only a couple more pages of Sam and Baker to go. Come back on Monday for the next one!

Also next week: Gen Con! So I am busy getting ready for that. But I've got all yer comics lined up and ready to go while I'm away. Pow!

-Sam Logan