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Jul 26, 2004

I'm not breaking down, I'm breaking out

I have done a guest strip for White Ninja, but it won't actually be going up until tommorrow (Tuesday). Don't worry, I'll remind you all about it again when I update on Wednesday. EDIT: My bad, it went up today! You can view my White Ninja guest strip here.

I may have joked about the silly rivalries between webcartoonists, but in all honesty, most of the time I've found other webcartoonists to be some of the coolest folks I know. That's probably why this time of year always gets to me.

You know... the time of the year when masses of webcartoonists start posting their post-convention reports and photos. It's just a reminder that, for only a scant few days, so many of my online friends and cohorts got together in one physical location... and I was somewhere else! What a gyp. Hopefully, now that I am employed, I will be able to afford the trip stateside to the conventions next year, where I can finally meet John and Jeph and Tim and Brian and Neil and Jeff and everyone else in person!

Speaking of webcomics, the winners of the 2004 Web Cartoonists Choice Awards have been announced, and I'm not one of them. This is probably because lots of other very talented folks were nominated, but I'm not totally ruling out that it was because of the conspiracy.

I've said too much. The men in black suits are already at the front door. FIGHT THE CONSPIRACY!

Sam Logan


Jul 23, 2004

Like clocks without their springs

Thus ends another Sam and Fuzzy storyline. Next week: sweeping changes, and yet comfortable familiarity! Startling innovation, but reassuring sameness. Don't miss it!

Not a single reader has emailed me about it, but I'm sure at least some of you noticed that I have been using a font to letter the strip since last Wednesday. You may recall a time when I boasted that lettering the strip by hand was faster than by computer, but that statement stopped being true a long time ago. While reading through the entire strip archive, the growing neatness and legibility of the lettering you see are not a result of my writing getting better, but of an increasing amount of time spent touching it up on the computer. Ending this unpleasant, time-consuming process was necessary for my sanity.

The font I'm using was constructed from my writing by extremely dedicated reader Leland Aldridge. It is saving me bundles of time, and I think it looks pretty sharp to boot. Applause and thumbs up, folks.

Sam Logan

Jul 21, 2004

My words and smile are so easy now

A word to the few of you who have been waiting a bit too long for your size XL Ninja Mafia t-shirts: Unfortunately, I ran out of that size, and due to various scheduling problems, it's taking a little longer than usual to get more printed. They should be mailing next week. Apologies for the delay.

On the good news front, I have just landed myself a stellar job as graphic designer for a locally-published children's science magazine called Yes Mag. I'll be doing graphics and layout, which is exactly the kind of work I've been looking for! It's not a full-time position, but it will leave me with enough hours to keep working on the site, selling shirts and drawing art commissions. Combined, my new job and the website should provide me with a reasonably stable, liveable income while letting me do exactly what I've always wanted to do for a living. As you can imagine, I'm thrilled about this!

I have some webcomic suggestions for you all this week! Gregory Kogan's EEight is a pretty clever one-panel gag strip. This one is probably my favourite, but there's lots of good stuff to check out on what is still a relatively new site. Meanwhile, on the opposite end of the quantity spectrum, we have Neil G's Robot Stories, a retail-humour gem humour with a strip archive the size of a phonebook. It's required reading, friends.

Sam Logan