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Spooky Suggestions, Pt. 6

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Oct 14, 2022

Sorry, Sam

And that's a wrap for Spooky Suggestions! I hope you enjoyed it. I do really love this ending gag.

I gotta say, I honestly had a ton of fun remixing this story from its original nsfw version! (Which can still be found on my Patreon's Saucy Hippo tier.) It was a fun creative exercise to imagine how I would have treated the concept and gags in my usual pg-13 format. I was pretty aggressive with my remixing... compared to the original, some page layouts are completely different, some shots are rearranged or reframed, some art is partially redrawn, some panels are cut entirely, and some panels are 100% brand new. A whole new beast!

And yes, figuring out how to do all that is fun... to me, anyway. (Cartoonists are weird!) The only tricky part is making sure you don't accidentally miss a stray sliver of nsfw stuff somewhere. Otherwise, you will discover you have created the cartoonist equivalanet of a "wardrobe malfunction". (Whoops.)

Anyhoo, that's all for today. See you on Monday, team!

-Sam Logan

Oct 12, 2022

October Patreon Rewards!

Guess what! If you're backing the Sam & Fuzzy Patreon (or want to start), a new month's worth of rewards are out now!

Backers on the S&F Extra and Art Vault can sneak a peek at a whole bunch of bonus art, including more of my platformer project! (I am now at over 80 pieces for that series!)

And over on the Saucy Hippo tier (where the 18+ stuff goes), there's a fresh new batch of spicy seasonal comics and artwork. You'll also find the original unedited version of our current Spooky Suggestions story, since backing gets you access to everything I've ever posted!

Anyhoo, see you on Friday for the final part of our "sfw remix" of Spooky Suggestions!

-Sam Logan

Oct 10, 2022


I don't know if it counts as a joke, but I do think there is something funny about Tats taking off his batman shirt to reveal his bat tattoo. (It's the same one he's always had, though!)

Come back on Wednesday for part 5 of Spooky Suggestions!

-Sam Logan