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Dec 30, 2022

Rock Out

I've been taking some time off for the holidays, so here's a little blast from the past... Sam, Fuzzy, Aaron, and Nicole playing Rock Band!

"I Will Eat Your Family" was, of course, one of Noosehead's big hit singles! Hence current Noosehead front-lady Nicole's advantage. Amazingly, the lyrics for this song were first published WAY back in 2002, beneath the 56th Sam and Fuzzy comic. Geeze!

See y'all on Monday!



Dec 28, 2022

Christmas with the Chipmunks

A more recent annual tradition around here is drawing a S&F-themed parody of a holiday classic! This one was posted on my Patreon at the start of the month... and is, of course, based on Christmas with the Chipmunks, with our own trio of furry menaces taking the roles of Alvin, Simon and Theodore.

I modelled the artwork after the Christmas with the Chipmunks album, so I thought it would be fun to shop it up to look like an actual physical vinyl record sleeve.

That's all for today, team. But see you on Friday!

-Sam Logan

Dec 26, 2022

Poppy and Dipper

Happy holidays from me and Jesi... and of course, our dogs Poppy and Dipper. As is a now long, long running tradition, I drew some festive art of my furry children to use for our Christmas cards this year.

See y'all on Wednesday!