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Skull Panda Develops Escalaphobia

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Jan 9, 2023


Those signs are serious.

My holiday family visits are all wrapped up, so I'm back at the old drawing table this week! If you're a fan of my platformer video game character portrait series, I just shared a sneak peek of the next six with all my Patreon backers.

See y'all on Wednesday!


Jan 6, 2023

Skull Panda goes Bowling

He's a natural!

Hope the first week of 2023 has treated you all well, team. See you all on Monday!


Jan 4, 2023


Don't walk, Skull Panda. Run!!!

This year, we spend Christmas with my fiance's family in Whitehorse... where I experienced -40 for the first time in my life. Yowza! But now we're back home, having a belated holiday visit with my own fam this week. (At above-freezing temperatures.)

But worry not, I've still got comics for y'all! See you on Friday for the next one, team.