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Mar 13, 2023

March Patreon Rewards

Patreon backers: several big batches of new bonus content are up now on my Patreon page!

This month, S&F Extra and Art Vault backers are getting a bunch of fresh marker art... from S&F characters to cartoon critters to fan art! And over on the 18+ Saucy Hippo tier, there are six new spicy illustrations and two new comics featuring a whole bunch of different characters!

See you all on Wednesday, team!



Mar 10, 2023

Skull Panda and Friends

Ah, yes... I think this new direction should sustain at least a couple hundred more comics, don't you? HAT!

I hope y'all had a great week. Come back here on Monday... I'll have more fun stuff for you then!


Mar 8, 2023

Soft Serv

As you can see, both Rikk and I have valuable contributions to make to the ongoing expansion of the Skull Panda franchise.

We return on Friday with our next comic. See you then, team!