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Rage Magazine, Pt. 2

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Mar 22, 2023

Who's Whoosehead

Our RAGE Magazine profile of Noosehead continues, with more cutting interview questions and four band member profiles!

It is always a little weird for me to go back and draw the noseless version of Nicole, since I've been drawing her with one since she got a "nose job" in 2010. But it was necessary to depict her nose-free here for time-period accuracy!

Tune in on Friday for part three -- featuring Noosehead members 6-9! (nice)


Mar 20, 2023

Behind the Music

This week, I've got a little blast from the past lined up for you... a vintage magazine article with your favourite (or soon-to-be favourite) 13-piece heavy metal band, Noosehead!

This particular article was written at the height of the band's popularity, when Sidney "the Sicko" was still the lead vocalist.  It serves as a fine introduction, or re-introduction, to the band's classic line-up! (If you're curious to see what the band has been up to more recently, check out the "Cult Classic" story.)

This article was originally written for the Sam and Fuzzy Noosehead Omnibus. But I've completely reworked the visuals and layout, and also expanded the text, for this special web version. Historical revisionism? I know... I'm as shocked as you are!

Come back on Wednesday for part 2!

-Sam Logan

Mar 17, 2023

Back to Basics

Sometimes, you just gotta return to your roots. Thanks for showing us the way, Skull Panda!

See you on Monday, team!