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Baker's First Appearance

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May 12, 2023

Baker's first appearance

Here's another piece of alternative programming for ya'll while I'm busy taking some time off to get married. (Woo!) Today's comic is a "remastered"/colourized version of the very first appearance of Baker the corgi! This version was created for the Vote Dog book. It's wild how much Baker's appearance has changed since this first strip!

Speaking of Baker... he and Andrea star in a brand new beach-themed mini-comic that I made for all my Patreon backers this month! There's also bunch of other bonus art and features for Extra and Art Vault backers... and 5 new NSFW comics and drawings for Saucy Hippo (18+) tier backers! You can check out my Patreon page for more info. Bam!


May 10, 2023


Hey, guess what? I got married! Yes, it's true... me and my partner of the last 4 years have tied the knot. Woohoo! Things got a little busy around here in the lead-up to the wedding, so I put together some alternative program for y'all to run while we participated in the celebratory hitching process.

Today's comic is the "remastered"/colourized version of one of President' Dog's first appearances! This updated version was created for the Vote Dog book, but this is the first time it's appeared here on the site. So enjoy this dose of classic Prezdog, and come back on Friday for our next comic!


May 8, 2023

Game on

Ok, so I could probably make a more competent gaming webcomic if I didn't deliberately try to make it stupid. But I think lots of other folks have got that covered. 

See yall on Wednesday!