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Butcher's Name

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May 29, 2023

Butchering it

While I'm busy wrapping up some urgent projects, Fuzzy and Butcher are here with a blast from the distant past! This pre-webcomic proto strip was the first time I ever drew Butcher... although her introduction was later reworked into this comic and this comic here on the website.

See you on Wednesday, team!


May 26, 2023

Skull Panda for President

Of course, the real question is: who would come out on top in a fight between Skull Panda and President Dog?

That's all for this week, team. But come back on Monday for our next comic!


May 24, 2023

Forget it, Skull Panda... it's Legotown

Skull Panda took up smoking just for this comic. Just don't ask how he smokes it.

Come back on Friday for our next comic!