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Aug 25, 2004

I whisper through my doughnut

Today's update comes a couple of hours late because I was over at Ashton's place with some friends, watching Hidalgo. It was pretty good, but it suffered from one major problem: people didn't say "Hidalgo" enough. A name like that is a gift from cinematic heaven, and must be spoken frequently, following a dramatic pause, in a solemn whisper and with a rolled hispanic "aahhhllll" sound. For example, the movie should totally have started like this:

Narrator: "Let me tell you a story about a man. A story about a man and his horse. A horse named... Hidalgo."

Similarly, it should have ended like this:

Impressed Lady: "Wow, I can't believe you won the race!"

Horse Guy: "Yes, I have. But I could never have done it without my horse. My horse named... Hidalgo."

In other news, the Skull Panda shirts are doing even better than I expected! I'm really glad you all are getting such a kick out of the character. I'm working on a Skull Panda wallpaper as we speak to celebrate. It's not ready for today's update, unfortunately, but then, I'm not the quickest fellow around. Not nearly as quick as, say, a horse!

Sam Logan

PS: A horse named HIDALGO.

Aug 23, 2004

Passing the time with a game of Solitare

A new storyline begins! Fuzzy fans are definitely going to enjoy this one.

I just finished watching the original Manchurian Candidate on DVD a few hours ago. Long, long, LONG-time readers of Sam and Fuzzy might remember that I posted about the film right after I had first seen it, back in the early days of the site. To make a long story short, it's still good, and I recommend it highly. I suppose sooner or later I will have to see this remake with Denzel Washington. I was wary of it earlier -- it's so hard to "update" a film that is such a product of its times. But I've been hearing that they did a decent job, so I'll give it a shot!

Skull Panda shirts are finally on sale. Thank you all for being so patient... I really needed to take that extra time to make sure the designs were just right.

Sam Logan

Aug 20, 2004

Big fish eat the little ones

I don't know about you guys, but I was really starting to miss Mr. Ackerman. And naturally, the one time we check in on him and Lance, they just happen to be talking about Sam and Fuzzy. I swear, you'd think it was all those two ever talk about or something!

I have completed the two Skull Panda designs! Shirts will not be going on sale until Monday, but you can catch a sneak peak of what they will look like in the shop. It was very tricky to translate the Skull Panda Loves Kitties image into a workable shirt design, but after many hours of tweaking and nitpicking, I think it turned out quite well!

Sam Logan