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Q and A: Cosplay Quandries

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Jul 3, 2023

Cosplay Quandries

Just a little something extra stupid for you today! (You know, as opposed to the normal amount of stupid.)

It's an exceptionally busy time of year for me, friends, as a ramp up for my big summer appearances at San Diego Comic Con and Gen Con! But I aim to keep you knee deep in comics all the same. See you on Wednesday for the next one!


Jun 30, 2023


This story is getting out of hand. But it's no help pointing fingers!

(Sorry, sorry.)

Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed today's dose of body horror. See you on Monday!


Jun 28, 2023

Indecent Proposal

The implications of this finger stuff are wide-reaching! In a four-fingered universe, is giving someone the finger also a euphamism for getting married? How romantic!

Come back on Friday for our next comic!