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Jul 10, 2023

Ear-ly to bed and ear-ly to rise

Good grief! I can't believe San Diego Comic-Con is next week. I think I'm ready? I hope I'm ready!

But what I am defintiely ready for is: delivering another comic for you here on Wednesday! See you then, team.


Jul 7, 2023


Who doesn't love a good diagram now and then?

That's all for this week, team. But come back on Monday for our next comic!


Jul 5, 2023

Rip off

Sorry, Ruby! The elves of the Sam and Fuzzy universe are just humans with pointy ears. No cool powers, no extra long lives... just the ear thing.

But you, Fidgital? Yes! You're definitely going to live forever. I mean, I certainly haven't seen anything arund here to suggest otherwise over the past couple of years, have you?

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