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Skull Panda Joins the Avengers

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Jul 14, 2023

Taking initiative

Whoops, I accidentally made myself a little sad with this one. Sorry, Skull Panda!

Next week is San Diego Comic-Con time. And then two weeks later, it's Gen Con! As always, it's going to be an absolutely bonkers marathon of chaos for yours truly. (I love it, though.)

And worry not... I've got all sorts of fun stuff lined up to share with y'all on here while I'm busy conning it up! Tune in on Monday to see what I've got for you first. Woo!

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Jul 12, 2023

July Patreon Rewards Out Now

As always, a new month has brought a giant new round of goodies for my Patreon backers!

All backers can get a sneak peek at an upcoming Fuzzy-focused feature. S&F Extra and Art Vault tier backers have new art and behind-the-scenes features to enjoy. And over on the 18+ Saucy Hippo tier, there's a spicy new Nic and Crush comic, a very silly Jess Star gag, and a new Gert pin-up, as well as the nsfw versions of our recent Meet the Performers series.

Huge thanks to all my backers, current and future! Your support helps me keep living the dream, and keep delivering fun comics and art for y'all to enjoy. Woo!


Jul 10, 2023

Ear-ly to bed and ear-ly to rise

Good grief! I can't believe San Diego Comic-Con is next week. I think I'm ready? I hope I'm ready!

But what I am defintiely ready for is: delivering another comic for you here on Wednesday! See you then, team.