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Contribution, Pt. 4

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Aug 30, 2004

Emaline don't walk in time

GUEST STRIP ALERT: I am filling in for Ryan Estrada today over at Gamer's Edge! It was fun to build on a running gag that was started by Ryan and continued by Michael Lalonde from Orneryboy. Plus, Sam and Fuzzy fans should enjoy the second appearance of those two stoned kids that first appeared in my own strip a couple of weeks ago.

Lots of exciting news on the Dayfree Press front this week! The frequently insane Comet 7 is relaunching today with a brand new website design and a promise of twice as many comics each week! And in just a week, my mortal enemy buddy Jeph is upping Questionable Content to five updates a week as he makes his bid at becoming a full-time webcartoonist. Given the high levels of quality, awesome and funny that both comics contain, this is incredibly good news for us all.

Sam Logan

Aug 27, 2004

Ran out of time, running my mouth, ran up a tab

I'm going to be away from my email for most of the next three days. Now, considering how long I usually take to answer my emails anyhow, this won't make much difference to most of you. But it does mean that I won't be able to respond to any bizness inquiries, so if you have any questions or concerns about Skull Panda swag, I won't be able to get back to you until Monday.

Ben Folds has finally released the third in his trilogy of EPs. It's only available online, but you can snatch it either in disc form from his site or in mp3 form from iTunes. I'm really enjoying it, particularly the update of Kalamazoo, but with only three original songs and two novelty covers, it's not as hearty an effort as the previous disc. All the same, you probably won't want to miss the ridiculous cover of The Darkness' "Get Your Hands Off My Woman." And you thought Shatner's "Common People" was weird...

Sam Logan

Aug 25, 2004

I whisper through my doughnut

Today's update comes a couple of hours late because I was over at Ashton's place with some friends, watching Hidalgo. It was pretty good, but it suffered from one major problem: people didn't say "Hidalgo" enough. A name like that is a gift from cinematic heaven, and must be spoken frequently, following a dramatic pause, in a solemn whisper and with a rolled hispanic "aahhhllll" sound. For example, the movie should totally have started like this:

Narrator: "Let me tell you a story about a man. A story about a man and his horse. A horse named... Hidalgo."

Similarly, it should have ended like this:

Impressed Lady: "Wow, I can't believe you won the race!"

Horse Guy: "Yes, I have. But I could never have done it without my horse. My horse named... Hidalgo."

In other news, the Skull Panda shirts are doing even better than I expected! I'm really glad you all are getting such a kick out of the character. I'm working on a Skull Panda wallpaper as we speak to celebrate. It's not ready for today's update, unfortunately, but then, I'm not the quickest fellow around. Not nearly as quick as, say, a horse!

Sam Logan

PS: A horse named HIDALGO.