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Downloadable Content, Pt. 6

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Jul 28, 2023

Fuzzy Fuzzy

And that's a wrap for Downloadable Content!

Next week: a special new story begins! It's our first ever Summer Special, and it's packed with appearances from a whole bunch of the Sam and Fuzzy and Saucy Hippo crew.

Also next week: Gen Con!


Jul 26, 2023


Today: the penultimate installment of Downloadable Content! I'm always happy for any excuse to use the word "penultimate". I vividly remember first learning what the word means after seeing it on the cover of the 49th issue of the ALF comic book. And people say comics aren't educational!

Anyhoo, come back on Friday for the ultimate installment of our DLC series!


Jul 24, 2023

Whew! We're busy making our way back home from another crazy Comic-Con. But I'd be remiss if I didn't mention...

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