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Beach Party Special, Pt. 16

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Sep 4, 2023


Welcome to September! We're wrapping up our Beach Party Special this week. (Although some characters are more ready to leave it behind than others, clearly.)

Tune in on Wednesday for our next comic!


Sep 1, 2023

Friendly Crustaceans

I actually originally drew Rexmaid long ago, but I think this is the first opportunity he's ever had to appear in a comic. So please enjoy this repaint of concept in all its glory. (Plus bonus Dr. Crab.)

We return on Monday, when I will be one year older and definitely no more wiser. See you then, friends!


Aug 30, 2023


Ironically, this is probably one case where the "censored" version is much worse than the uncensored one. (Possibly because it's just a bunch of tennis rackets and crowbars under that mossaic filter.)

Hard to believe it's almost September! It's my birthday this weekend. Can you believe I'm finally turning 21? Amazing. I'm nearly as old as this website!

See y'all on Friday for our next comic!