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Meet the Staff, Pt. 4

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Oct 2, 2023

X marks the spot

Mr. X, like his pal Y, has really come into his own over the years after starting out as a relatively one-note crazy person. And who could forget the first time he took off the mask?

X hasn't shown up too often around here lately, but he and Dev are the main characters of the exclusive story I'm currently running on my Patreon's (18+) Saucy Hippo tier. I recommend it if you think you would enjoy a firmly NSFW combination romcom and sex farce.

See you on Wednesday for part 5!



Sep 29, 2023

Bonus feature

Little Bonus has come a long way over the course of all his appearances!

Don't forget... I've got a whole whack of new goodies in my online store! They're all fashionable for all seasons, but perhaps you might like to grab a Spooky Bitch before the ghoul season is fully upon us?

We return on Monday with our next installment. See you then, team!


Sep 27, 2023

Mr. Samson

Part two: meet Sam. Wait, who is this guy, again?

In seriousness... it's Sam Samson! Formerly Sam Samms. It took a little while, but old Sam is doing pretty well these days. Even if the job is a little heavier on the spreadsheets than he might prefer. (I relate.)

Come back on Friday for part 3! Who are we meeting this time?