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Contribution, Pt. 13

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Sep 20, 2004

I see dead people

I hope you all enjoyed the "big twist" in today's comic. I freely admit that I am no M. Night Shyamalan. Perhaps if HE was the man behind Sam and Fuzzy, we could have enjoyed one of the following revelations:

4) All Sam ever needed to stop Fuzzy was tap-water!

3) Roger was actually alive the entire time!

2) Alexa had the power to go home all along, but she never would have believed Glinda if she had told her earlier.

1) Sam is Fuzzy!

Sadly, you'll have to make due with what I have planned instead. See you on Wednesday!

Sam Logan

Sep 17, 2004

Bull-headed, tormented, I don't get it

"Why," screams the newbie Sam and Fuzzy reader in frustration, "is there a second Fuzzy wearing a sombrero?!?" I admit, it has been a long while since Future Fuzzy last appeared, and even then, he has only shown up in handful of strips. But if you're confused, his first appearance will tell you everything you need to know. I almost said that it would "explain everything," but then I realized that would be a blatant lie!

Sky Captain opens tonight! I am really hoping the execution is as solid as the art direction, because every frame of film I have seen so far has looked seriously slick. I have never seen a film that convincingly passed off CG work mixed with live action as "real." It always looks wrong, jarring, impossible. But when it is used in as holistic a manner as it is here -- when it is used to shape the style of the entire film -- just like animation, it creates a world where you can believe those impossible things can take place. And it looks great!

Sam Logan

Sep 15, 2004

All the lies lie on the line

Fan art gallery... updated. There's a ton of new stuff in there, including some find birthday-related picks from Claire "I made a Skull Panda" Barry and Brian "I have a webcomic about movies" Carroll. Check it out!

Incidently, if I have told you that your fan art is going in the gallery, but it is still not in there, it is because I am disorganized, not because I am filthy with lies. If I have forgotten your work, a) I'm sorry, and b) please email me. Rocksome.

There is a new Zebrahead CD! It has only officially been released in Japan (where the band is actually popular), but fortunately, it can also be nabbed through the band's website. Basically, it is a collection of tracks that the band recorded during the same sessions that brought us MFZB, one of my favourite CDs of 2003. If I can be permitted to mix a few metaphors for a moment, I'd like to say that Zebrahead is the silver lining of the current pop-punk cloud of steaming crap. If you like MFZB, you're going to like the new album... it is quite literally more of the same.

Sam Logan