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Meet the Stars, Pt. 2

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Feb 28, 2024

Emerald City Comic Con: Booth 20315

That's right... I'm at Emerald City in Seattle starting tomorrow! Come see me in booth 20325 on the second floor. We have a wide array of my books and shirts, and I'll be doing plenty of drawing, too!

Meanwhile, today's profile touches base with Nicole, who last starred in the Cult Classic storyline. I had fun drawing this one! Come back on Friday for our next profile.


Feb 26, 2024

Meet the Stars

This week, I'm heading down to Seattle for Emerald City Comic Con! And while away, I've put together a new series of my character interview feature! Our first two series' were Meet the Performers and Meet the Staff, and profiled the dancers and other staff of Dupont Industries! But this time around, we're going to shine the spotlight on some of Newport's most famous celebrity residents. (Or, well, former residents, as is often the case with famous people.)

To kick thing off, here's Fuzzy, an obscure character that many of you probably don't remember. In case you were wondering what exactly Fuzzy has been up to these days, here's some insight for you!

Come back on Wednesday for our next installment.


Feb 23, 2024

A bargain at any price

The secret is, Fidgital is always an erotic nude.

It's busy times over here, team! I'm getting ready for this year's Emerald City Comic Con, as well as my annual visit with the furries at Vancoufur. These two shows are back-to-back this year, so I'm gonna be and prepping up a fun feature to run while I'm away.

I've also been working on writing a pair of longer stories: one focused on Sam & Baker, and one focused on Dev and the Saucy Hippo crew. These two stories are the final pieces that will complete a pair of future books! And yes, at least one of them might have something to do with the completely unexpected demise of a certain robot. I'm aiming to tackle both of 'em this year! (Er, one at a time, though. Haha!) So, look forward to that in the not too distant future.

See y'all on Monday!