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Meet the Stars, Pt. 4

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Mar 4, 2024


Its Figital's time to shine! I'm not sure how he snuck into this celebrity profile feature, though. Maybe he's infamous.

I'm heading home today after a fun week in Seattle. See you on Wednesday with our next profile!


Mar 1, 2024

Emerald City Continues

Malcolm underwent his personal philosophical reinvention in the aforementioned Cult Classic storyline.

I continue to be at Emerald City Comic Con! If you are too, come see me at booth 20325. Just look for the big corgi sign!

As for the rest of y'all, see you on Monday with a new comic!


Feb 28, 2024

Emerald City Comic Con: Booth 20315

That's right... I'm at Emerald City in Seattle starting tomorrow! Come see me in booth 20325 on the second floor. We have a wide array of my books and shirts, and I'll be doing plenty of drawing, too!

Meanwhile, today's profile touches base with Nicole, who last starred in the Cult Classic storyline. I had fun drawing this one! Come back on Friday for our next profile.