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Friend or Snack

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Mar 22, 2024

Friend or Snack

I picked the visual style that I've been using for these Poppy comics pretty impulsively. The designs for the dogs themselves drew very heavily on the way my wife and I doodle them for each other, so that aspect was very comfortable and familiar. But the inking and colouring style was much more of an improptu experiment.

I really like the energy and looseness of this look... it feels well suited for Poppy and Dipper's antics. But I've definitely been wondering how exactly this style might work when a comic required more of a background or sense of setting. So, I fully admit: today's update was 100% an excuse for me to experiment with that. That's right... I'm practicing right in front of you. Outrageous! But I hope you get some enjoyment out of my experimenting.

Over the last few years, I've definitely learned that if I want to try new art things, I really gotta just go for it and do it right in my dang comics. Because said dang comics take up the vast majority of my drawing time, haha! So thanks for being along for the ride.

See you on Monday, team!


Mar 20, 2024

March Patreon Rewards

I'm having so much fun with these comics! These are my horrible little children. Bless them.

Meanwhile, in radically different content... a bunch of new comics and art are available for backers on my Patreon this month! That includes a bunch of fun S&F stuff, fan art, marker pieces, and other goodies for our various tiers... as well as exclusive new NSFW comics and pin-ups for Saucy Hippo backers. Yes, from cutesy pet gags to spicy nsfw comics, we are really exploring the full breadth of my extremely ununified brand this month. I have layers, ok?

See y'all on Friday with our next comic!


Mar 18, 2024

Feeding Time

The problem with tricks like this is... once you add something to the dinner ritual, she expects it every time. Before you know it, you've got an increasingly ellaborate pantomime to do every day. Haha!

We return on Wednesday with our next comic. See you then!